Find peace of mind: how to take a digital detox

I recently took a week off from work to unplug (no computer use, email, TV/movies and only minimal phone use). I spent the time pulling weeds in the early morning, journaling, doing creative visioning for my business, taking evening strolls with the frogs and fireflies, visiting springs with friends and tending to my soul.   […]

Letting go = peace of mind

Last week, I had “one of those days” …. double booked appointments, a miscommunication with a vendor, tech gremlins gone wild, a lost check— and suddenly everything felt like it was going from bad to worse. I was trying to wrap up an intense week filled with deadlines before leaving town on a family beach […]

Peace in the Eye of the Storm

Happy 2008 (have you noticed all the “2008 is going to be great” bumper stickers everywhere?! …I’m hoping this group intention will affect us all very positively!). I got two doses of black eyes peas yesterday (one veggie style with lots of cumin-yum–and one with a ham hock, really flavorful). I love this tradition and […]