5 Self-Care Practices for Uncertain Times

Lately I’m observing how many friends and clients are struggling. Whether it’s swimming through collective stress brought on by the current political climate, navigating a career transition, health crisis or relationship/parenting difficulty, or recovering from a financial blow–many are living hour to hour and having a hard time seeing the light at the end of […]

Why meditation is good self-care

My sleep has been very erratic this month. While I’m practicing self-compassion (I’m navigating a lot of hormonal shifts like many my age), I believe the primary cause of my sleepless nights is due to an overly-busy mind. This wake-up call has brought me back to the importance of the self-care practice that nourishes me […]

Self-care is a journey, not a destination

This past weekend my husband and I celebrated our wedding anniversary. We got married 16 years ago, thirty days after my healthy 60 year-old mother died suddenly from the flu. My father had died four years earlier at age 56 from a heart attack. I pushed through the weekend festivities and honeymoon, numb. I had […]

Are you ready to FEEL GOOD?!

A couple weeks ago I came down with a violent 48 hour stomach bug. After my illness, as I slowly regained my strength, I continued to feel “off” for days afterwards. My mood and energy level were low, my joints felt stiff and I had lost my joie de vivre. As I stewed in this malaise, […]

3 self-care practices that keep me sane

Self-care is not about adding something to your to-do list, it’s about cultivating a kinder, gentler relationship with yourself. Renee Trudeau Our family is navigating some big transitions this month (who’s not, right now?!). As I shift into allowing myself to take life hour by hour, as needed, I rest in the reminder that I’ve got […]

A special invitation from Renee (and Jen)

(A guest post from my dear friend Jen Lemen: visionary, big heart, humanitarian, artist and award-winning, e-learning pioneer. Jen’s dreams have carried her across continents and back to her artist studio in Maryland where she generates hope in every essay, class and illustration she creates. In 2009, Jen won $50,000 from Lenovo/Microsoft to travel the […]

What Are Weekends For?

 For the last few months I’ve been working a lot (read more). Often this has involved working straight through the weekend in order to meet key deadlines related to my book launch. If you know me, you’ll vouch that this isn’t my norm. I crave and savor my weekends and don’t like giving up my […]


I just returned from Big Bend National Park Sunday night with my husband and son. I sat out under a million stars, galaxies and a moon so bright it hurt my eyes. I experienced deafening quiet. I walked across deserts and over boulders until my legs were numb. I sensed my smallness, my bigness, our […]


Imagination is your preview of life’s coming attractions.–Albert Einstein I’ve always been fascinated with the idea of creating something out of nothing. I just spoke at and participated in RISE global week (grassroots, city-wide, peer-led entrepreneur conference) in Austin and was in heaven. I had the same feeling in 2000 when I attended my first […]

Welcome Mat

I just finished writing our February life balance newsletter on emotional health and cultivating the ability to not take things personally. (Sign up here if you’d like to receive it on Wednesday.) And for me, a big piece of emotional health has been allowing myself to feel what I’m feeling—regardless of whether or not I […]