How I learned to mother myself

There’s been a lot of belly button gazing in our house this past week. My adolescent son told me on Friday, “I’m thinking a lot about my life right now,” my introspective husband is taking a class where he’s contemplating our relationship to the cosmos and having just returned from teaching at the ethereal Esalen Institute in […]

Sometimes Self-Care Takes (gasp!) Discipline

I’m not sleeping well. I haven’t for the last few weeks. Yes, I’m going to bed at the same time each night, staying tech-free after 8 p.m.,  getting daily exercise, steering clear of caffeine and generally staying with my same calming before-bed routine each night, but I’m 47 and my hormone levels are changing as […]

Imagine A World Where ……

A few days before Thanksgiving, I attended a yoga class. As I lay on my back relaxing before the teacher began, I could hear the light, easy, excited chatter in the room. You could feel the anticipation: a holiday break was coming! Why were we all so happy? Because a holiday usually signals to the […]

Self-Care, My Best Friend

Last night I spoke to a wonderful group of about fifty women in their 30s-50s from the National Charity League about the Power of Self-Care. It’s a really cool group of mothers and daughters who work together to support their communities through various social service projects. When I asked how many women in the room […]