Simplifying from the inside-out

I remember one 4th of July weekend when my husband and I gathered a small group of friends for a “Freedom Fest.” No fireworks, hot dogs, or Tchaikovsky. Instead, we had a potluck and asked each guest to bring one thing that “I want to be free from,” such as a habit, worry, situation, or […]

How I plan to simplify my life

I don’t think I’m cut out for modern living. Lately, things just seem like they’re moving too fast: too many options, too much juggling, too many demands, too many  (perceived) have to’s and too much traffic (I just found out Austin is now the 11th biggest city in the US–so much for our old Austin […]

Are you living your life (or someone else’s)?

“It is 1976, and my dad has left his booming medical practice in San Antonio. We have abandoned our comfortable, sprawling ranch-style home on two acres and have moved into a twelve-hundred-square-foot home with a wood-burning stove on fifty acres set back on a red dirt road in Northern California’s Sierra Nevada. When I am […]

Do You Need to Reset?

  In the mid-seventies–as part of a radical move to simplify their lives–my parents hauled my four brothers and I from bustling San Antonio, TX to a remote area of Northern California. We lived in the majestic Sierra Nevada Mountains near the Donner Pass. I rode our horses Bobbie and Pattie bareback, hiked over rocks […]