In transition? Join the crowd!

My son is starting middle school in the fall, my good friend’s youngest child leaves for college in August, my colleague’s husband just quit his job to join his wife’s firm, my 46 year-old childhood friend just learned he’s going to be a new father and my professional path (not so much what I do, […]


  Friday I got triggered. One of my team members told me they wouldn’t be available to help me this week as I prepare for several major events. I translated this into “I’m not supported in the world.” And I immediately felt a strong tidal wave of emotions sweep through my body. But then something […]

We Need Each Other

Yesterday afternoon my nine year old ran away from home. He only went 2 blocks. He was barefoot and was carrying a cigar box filled with a Whole Earth Provision gift card, fifteen dollars and a birthday gift certificate from his uncle for bowling. He told me this was what he planned to use to […]

How does balance feel to you?

Although I enjoyed a long walk with a good friend around Town Lake Saturday morning and a relaxing dinner at home with my family Saturday evening (we made some wonderful fish tacos on fresh corn tortillas), I found myself feeling crabby and short-tempered off and on throughout the weekend. Why? It could have been stress, […]


As much as I am an advocate of asking for and receiving help (and getting support), I stumble often and see how natural my tendency is to still go it alone. Recently I had the luxury of meeting with an amazing executive coach about honing a professional skill. Just sitting across from her, having someone […]