Find peace of mind: how to take a digital detox

I recently took a week off from work to unplug (no computer use, email, TV/movies and only minimal phone use). I spent the time pulling weeds in the early morning, journaling, doing creative visioning for my business, taking evening strolls with the frogs and fireflies, visiting springs with friends and tending to my soul.   […]

Technology: are you master or slave?

Is technology bringing your family closer together or driving you farther apart? As I look at how I can spend even less time online this fall, I’m hearing I’m not the only one examining this topic. Every family I know navigates the technology two-step, that devilish dance over the power switch, screen time, and whether […]


Are you really living your life … or are you watching your life being lived? Last night my husband told me he “likes me better the way I am right now.” I’m at the beginning of an 8-week writing/creativity sabbatical and the ah-has are coming faster than I can catch them. I’m really getting that […]