Stop creating suffering for yourself (here’s how)

Last month I received some news that was quite painful. But in the week that followed, my thoughts around what had occurred were downright tortuous. Until, in a Nia dance class, I heard my Wise Self say loud and clear, “Renee, don’t create more pain for yourself than is necessary.”  This stopped me in my […]

7 ways to practice radical self-care

I’ve been navigating some rocky parenting terrain over the last couple of months and the challenges I’ve been facing have really taken a toll on me, physically and emotionally. Last week though, I had a big realization. I’ve been trying to do business as usual—running my coaching firm, preparing for travel/speaking events and working with […]

Are you stingy with your love? (+Win a retreat!)

This spring marked the 19-year anniversary of my mom’s passing. Healthy and active, she died at age 60 from congestive heart failure as a result of a sudden, serious case of the flu leaving behind six children ages 19 to 34. She’s been on my mind–and in my dreams–a lot lately. I really miss her. […]

Is your life trying to tell you something?

Is your life asking you to evolve? At my last UNLEASHED ATX  workshop in Austin, I was visiting with two long-time entrepreneurs who both shared they were getting signs it was time to let their business go so they could harness and redirect their energy towards “what’s next.” But, easier said than done. Both have spent years […]

Looking for a therapist? Read this first.

In the past month, I probably received at least ten requests from friends and clients asking for referrals for great therapists. “Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.” Carl Jung Whenever these calls come in, I try and encourage my friends to slow down, step back and approach this process with mindfulness and intention. […]

Yes you’re busy. But is your pace sustainable?

Recently while I was at Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health leading a women’s retreat, I met an executive who was the dean at a large medical school. She said they had just added a class on work-life balance and resiliency to their medical school curriculum. But she wonders if her young doctors in training will […]

5 self-care strategies when the going gets tough

This past weekend I found myself inert on the couch, trying to find the energy to get up and get moving. In addition to not sleeping well, I was navigating a whole slew of work and parenting challenges. I was exhausted. And, I know I’m not alone. Over the past month I’ve watched many of […]

How often do you abandon yourself?

Once while facilitating a women’s retreat at Esalen, I shared my definition of self-care with the group: the art of attuning and responding to your needs and desires moment to moment. Then I asked the circle, “Do you feel safe with yourself?” The room grew silent. Only one woman raised her hand, nodding her head […]

Why I do yoga and maybe you should, too

This past weekend I was visiting with some friends who have been navigating recent loss and trauma. My friend Elena turned to me and asked, “Renee, what do you do when you feel shaken to your core?”  I thought for a moment about all the hard times I’ve endured since my twenties and answered, “I […]

Are you craving unscheduled time?

When I travel and speak on work/life balance I consistently hear three things from my fellow Americans: a) Things are moving too fast; I’m spread too thin and consequently I’m not effective at work or at home, b) I feel like I can’t unplug; being constantly tethered to my phone is stressing me out and […]