Self-care is not self-improvement

I was lying in bed Sunday morning reading from author Anne Lamott’s beautiful little book Small Victories. In one of her stories about parenting, she shares with a little self-deprecation, but mostly tenderness, how she doesn’t bake for PTA fund raisers, is often disorganized and sometimes forgets to follow-through on updates from her son’s school. […]

Who do you want to “be” when you’re 80?

When all your desires are distilled you will cast just two votes: to love more and be happy. Hafiz Years ago, my husband, son, and I visited some old family friends —and native Irish speakers — who live in a fishing village outside of Dublin, Ireland. We took lazy cliff walks and farmer’s market trips […]

Simplifying from the inside-out

I remember one 4th of July weekend when my husband and I gathered a small group of friends for a “Freedom Fest.” No fireworks, hot dogs, or Tchaikovsky. Instead, we had a potluck and asked each guest to bring one thing that “I want to be free from,” such as a habit, worry, situation, or […]

A Soft Place to Fall

“Your ordinary self is enough.” Carol Orsborn, author/speaker I recently spoke at a national women’s conference and had a wonderful conversation with a woman from South Africa who leads groups for domestic violence survivors in PA. We really connected around how important it is that we all have a soft place to fall: a space […]