7 reasons I practice self-care

I was recently visiting with the head of large east-coast private school who shared that his stressed-out school community was struggling with self-care. Like many, he saw self-care as something you “should do” for your physical health (exercise, eat well, get enough sleep) and that’s where it ended. He became curious when I shared that I define self-care as the […]

Are you at a threshold, too?

THRESHOLD    noun/thresh·old/ˈthresh-ˌhōld: the starting point for a new state or experience. Yesterday we attended a moving “Ceremony of 13” at our church for my teenage son. Cultures around the world share a tradition of marking the transition from childhood to adulthood beginning at age 13 (in the Jewish tradition this is called a Bar […]

Are you making time for friends (and why you should)?

The other night I hosted a book swap and summer gathering for the women in my neighborhood. Most of these women I had never met before but it felt important to me to cultivate these relationships as I know what a huge impact making time for friends–both new and old–can have on our quality of […]

Do less, experience more

Recently, our family was invited to visit friends for the weekend at their cabin on the river, an hour’s drive from our house. The night before we were going to leave, my husband and I were frantically creating lists of all the things we needed to buy, prepare, and pack — when we suddenly paused […]

Are you having the summer you desire?

We just got back from a work/family trip to the east coast–our first time to visit Maine! While I am beyond grateful for this opportunity and loved seeing our beloved friends and family, visiting five cities in 10 days after leading a weekend self-renewal retreat for 50 women was not relaxing. We knew this trip […]

Why I unplugged on my busiest day ever

Last Monday morning I returned to mountains of work having been off for a week with my family for spring break (when we go on vacation we generally go “off the grid”). In addition to hundreds of emails, phone messages and requests for my time, I received several big, timely work opportunities for consideration. By Tuesday […]

10 gifts I’ve uncovered while living in the unknown

Are you moving through a career, relationship or health crisis or challenge?  Are you in transition and asking “What’s next?” Do things seem particularly intense for you right now? For many of us it feels as if we’re headed into a brave, new frontier without a map, and we’re being asked to evolve and create new tools for navigating this […]