Meditation saves me from myself

“I’m sorry. For everything. Can you forgive me?” This was the text I sent to a beloved Sunday night coming off of a two-day silent meditation retreat with Adyashanti. Meditation always brings me to new understandings. Sometimes to supreme clarity. And always to my most humble and soft places. After meditating for long stretches of […]

Don’t just do something, sit there

I feel edgy. And unsettled. And a bit anxious. Between the bomb violence in Austin last week (my hometown), the current political climate, the wonderful but emotional March for our Lives rallies on Saturday and my always-pushing-the-boundaries teen, I’m not feeling too grounded. So rather than slide into my typical MO of over-doing or trying […]

Can You Be with What Is?

This morning as I settled into my meditation cushion for my sit, I could feel my chest tighten and an army of “shoulds” line up at the door. As is typical in May with end of school-year activities, I am juggling too much on the work, home and relationship front and am teetering on the […]

When in Doubt, Do Nothing

Our A/C went out yesterday on Mother’s Day (it was 95 degrees). This morning, in addition to dealing with a disgruntled teen and catching up at work after being out sick all last week, my husband needed me to deal with A/C repair bids and scheduling.  I looked down at my growing to-do list and […]

Why meditation is good self-care

My sleep has been very erratic this month. While I’m practicing self-compassion (I’m navigating a lot of hormonal shifts like many my age), I believe the primary cause of my sleepless nights is due to an overly-busy mind. This wake-up call has brought me back to the importance of the self-care practice that nourishes me […]

3 self-care practices that keep me sane

Self-care is not about adding something to your to-do list, it’s about cultivating a kinder, gentler relationship with yourself. Renee Trudeau Our family is navigating some big transitions this month (who’s not, right now?!). As I shift into allowing myself to take life hour by hour, as needed, I rest in the reminder that I’ve got […]

Meditation saves me … from myself

I woke up this morning exhausted. Triggered. And I could feel my negative thoughts lining up like little toy soldiers ready to go to battle. After a weekend of push-back from my rapidly maturing adolescent, I felt like I’d just left an eight hour wrestling match with no clear winner in sight. So even though […]

I Want To Be Free From …

Last night we gathered with a small group of friends for a Freedom Fest. No fireworks, hot dogs or Tchaikovsky. Instead, we enjoyed a lively international potluck (each person brought a dish from a favorite trip they’ve taken) and we asked our guests to bring one thing they wanted to be “free from” this summer: […]

A Different Way

In fall 2008 I was nuts. Launching my first book, coordinating our global Personal Renewal Group program and running two coaching/consulting businesses was eating my lunch. I felt like I was in the middle of a tug of war (with each of my businesses at opposite ends), and, it was a no-win scenario. Every day […]

Getting Quiet

Last week while working with a coaching client on some big life decisions, the topic came up about why we make excuses to stay busy and avoid quiet time.   Some call this prayer, meditation or reflection—in essence, it’s time to be alone in stillness and to connect to our inner wisdom, our higher power […]