Thank You Jonah

My husband and I are taking a seven-week parenting class right now. Most of us weren’t “born” to know how to consciously parent and many of us didn’t have healthy models for how to be in relationship, so getting support on how to do the hardest and most important job in the world is well […]

Unexpected Gifts

In 2002, the year my son was born, I felt a soft but persistent tapping on my shoulder to start a free, community support group to help mothers (most of all me) focus on self-care. My plate was full with a six-month old and a relatively new business, but the feeling and pull was so […]


This week is my last dedicated week for my writing project on Everyday Spirituality. I feel some sadness and some irritation (towards myself) that more of the last six weeks wasn’t devoted to delving more deeply into this intriguing topic. But, you know the story–work called, mothering called and there was laundry to be done […]