Why rituals matter and how to embrace them

Life is not a thing to be managed, but a mystery to be lived. Last weekend I took time out from a very busy day to join friends for a labyrinth walk in nature. Labyrinth walking is an ancient meditative practice used by countless spiritual traditions and faiths for contemplation and healing. Often the act […]

Who do you want to BE in 2018?

Kind words can be short and easy to speak but their echoes are truly endless. ~ Mother Teresa Years ago, my husband, son, and I visited our dear family friends —and native Irish speakers — who live in a fishing village outside of Dublin, Ireland. We took lazy cliff walks and farmer’s market trips together; […]

Why we love rituals & why they matter

Life is not a thing to be managed, but a mystery to be lived. Recently my extended family got into a bit of a heated mess around a long-time Christmas giving tradition and how best –or even why— we should continue to honor it. It really crystallized for me how key these sacred touchstones are […]


In 1999 I was so ready for a career change I thought I would implode if my new path didn’t reveal itself soon! I was taking many steps to support the career exploration process–doing informational interviews, journaling and asking the hard questions, conducting research, getting support, thinking big, staying true to my passion and saying […]

Be Here Now … Really?!

Growing up, my parents used to quote a lot of annoying phrases to me. They were boomers, intellectuals and spiritual seekers, and were always looking for new perspectives and teachings to expand their minds. (My dad liberally quoted passages to us daily from Einstein, the Bible, Wayne Dyer, Swami Satchidananda, St. Francis of Assisi, Marianne […]

Letter to Luca

From the time I was a little, I always felt babies were special (being the oldest of seven children, I got lots of practice welcoming newborns into the world). I always believed they were much more than blobs growing into themselves (check out What Babies Want). They seem to hold so much wisdom—maybe it’s because […]

The Void

One of my dearest friends in in the void. She is gestating “what’s next” in her life, but to her, it just feels like she’s stuck. And restless. And bored. And dissatisfied with everything– work/relationship/home. And she might even be a little depressed. Can you relate? As a society, Americans in particular are not fond […]

What I Love

I attended a powerful movement/writing workshop this past weekend with Lori Saltzman with The Moving Center School in California. Her work is based on the well known 5 Rhythms developed by Gabrielle Roth. I’m preparing to get back to work this summer on my forthcoming project on everyday spirituality and wanted the opportunity to do […]

Dancing with the Devil

The “devil” –if he lives—is our own negative thought patterns dragging us through the dirt into a self-created hell. Whether we choose or refuse this dance is fortunately up to us. Anonymous Have you ever had something really “bad” happen and then right on its heels, other “bad” things keep happening? And then, you find […]


I had a very unusual upbringing (read more). My parents were what most people would call spiritual “seekers.” Questions about how we connect to our divinity or the sacred –what most people refer to as spirituality–were constantly on the forefront of my parent’s minds (my siblings’ godparents include a beautiful Irish nun named Aine and […]