5 reasons you need to ask for help

Recently I was leading a life balance workshop for a sales team on Building Your Support Network. When I asked the group to take a few minutes to sketch out what an ideal professional/personal support team would look like for each of them, the room got very quiet. Most in the room admitted that the […]

Finding balance in a 24/7 world

Growing up with a parent who suffered from clinical depression and navigating a heaping dose of dysfunction, stress, anxiety and “not feeling enough” the first thirty years of my life, left me highly motivated to want to FEEL GOOD. The primary drive for the work I do now –helping people enhance balance and inner peace […]

Re-Defining Balance

The other night at dinner my eight year-old son asked us what “ponder” means. It got me thinking. Lately, I’ve been getting clearer that I want to reduce the number of hours I work each week. I am really feeling a strong pull to be even more present with my family and to have more […]


I had a very unusual upbringing (read more). My parents were what most people would call spiritual “seekers.” Questions about how we connect to our divinity or the sacred –what most people refer to as spirituality–were constantly on the forefront of my parent’s minds (my siblings’ godparents include a beautiful Irish nun named Aine and […]