7 Reasons I Practice Self-Care

In 2002, when my son was six months old, I felt a strong but persistent tap on my shoulder from my Wise Self to gather women and explore the age-old question, ”How do we nurture our children and stay true to our own needs and desires?” My plate was full with running Career Strategists, but […]

How I learned to mother myself

There’s been a lot of belly button gazing in our house this past week. My adolescent son told me on Friday, “I’m thinking a lot about my life right now,” my introspective husband is taking a class where he’s contemplating our relationship to the cosmos and having just returned from teaching at the ethereal Esalen Institute in […]

When I Fill My Cup First

I spoke last week to a group of career coaches. Most of them were women. And, many of them came up to me after the presentation and wanted to talk about self-care. I encouraged them to consider joining a Personal Renewal Group, attending one my spring retreats, or just taking some time each week for […]

Living Inside-Out

Every morning on the way to driving my son to school, I take a few minutes to set an intention for the day (i.e. I am wise and focused or I relax into an easy flow). I also invite my seven-year old to do the same. We’ve been doing this since he was about three. […]

Radical Self-Care

Are you willing to p*** people off in order to take care of yourself? I just returned from our amazing Fall Self-Renewal Retreat at The Crossings with twenty wonderful women from around the U.S. (Look for more to come on our April 2010 retreat.) During one session, we explored what our “barriers to self-care” are: […]


This past week I attended an Ashtanga yoga class with a new teacher (yep, that’s the sweaty, rhythmic style of yoga). I loved his approach. He was supportive and really encouraged students to ask questions and reach out for help. And, he gave you the sense that he believed in your ability. He obviously inspired […]

What Would She Think?

Today is the anniversary of my mom’s passing nine years ago. She came down with the flu on March 29th, 2000 and quickly without warning or anyone knowing, went into congestive heart failure twenty-four hours later and was gone. She was 59. She never got to meet my son, now seven, and never got to […]

Unexpected Gifts

In 2002, the year my son was born, I felt a soft but persistent tapping on my shoulder to start a free, community support group to help mothers (most of all me) focus on self-care. My plate was full with a six-month old and a relatively new business, but the feeling and pull was so […]

How does balance feel to you?

Although I enjoyed a long walk with a good friend around Town Lake Saturday morning and a relaxing dinner at home with my family Saturday evening (we made some wonderful fish tacos on fresh corn tortillas), I found myself feeling crabby and short-tempered off and on throughout the weekend. Why? It could have been stress, […]