Some times call for radical self-care

I’ve been navigating some rocky family terrain over the last couple of months.  While I can’t go into the details, the situation has come to a head. I’ve had enough. This morning, though, I had a big realization. I’ve been trying to do business as usual—running my coaching firm, preparing for travel/speaking events and helping […]

The Best Investment You Can Make

I just returned from an international women’s conference featuring personal development, leadership, life purpose and international women’s rights speakers from around the world. From authors Elizabeth Gilbert and Marianne Williamson to journalist activists Lisa Ling and Zainab Salbi (founder of Women for Women International)–everyone stressed the importance of regularly stepping back from your life to […]

4 ways to schedule time for reflection

Our outer world is a reflection of our inner world … what are you doing to nurture your inner life? I relish this time of year: my birthday is Jan. 7th (I’m excited to celebrate my big 5-0!), winter beckons us to nest, hibernate and slow down, I love the rich spiritual tapestry of the holy season […]

Be gentle with yourself

You can search throughout the entire universe for someone who is more deserving of your love and affection than you are yourself, and that person is not to be found anywhere. You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe deserve your love and affection. Buddha When I was around 30, I used to […]

What self-care is NOT

I was lying in bed Sunday morning reading from author Anne Lamott’s beautiful little book Small Victories. In one of her stories about parenting, she shares with a little self-deprecation, but mostly tenderness, how she doesn’t bake for PTA fund raisers, is often disorganized and sometimes forgets to follow-through on updates from her son’s school. […]

Do you live … intentionally?

My family is thinking of moving to a different area of Austin. This is part of a larger plan we’re piecing together around how we want to work, play, connect, foster community, generate revenue and “be” in the second half of our life. (Read more about making hard life choices from my blog last week.) […]

Wanna “do it different?!” (and why we should)

I recently attended an artists’ studio tour in my hometown. Seeing these amazing avant-garde work/home/creative spaces was a powerful reminder that there is no “one way” to live or work. Drinking in this visual feast of multimedia, oil paintings, woodwork and sculpture, pottery and glassblowing brought my imagination alive and inspired me to re-visit one […]


As I’m juggling summer camp logistics for my son, final editing on my new book, retreat prep/facilitation, managing business details and interviewing/training staff I find myself spiking with envy when I see my friends summer vacation photos. Last week I had some serious deadlines to nail, but Wednesday during my morning meditation I heard loud and clear that […]

Year-of-Self-Care Retreat Giveaway

Many of my major life shifts came while I was on a retreat.  Whether it was spending eight hours alone at a friend’s house unplugged, surrounded by my sketchpad, colored pencils and Wisdom cards, circling up to dialogue with men and women who were defining the next stage of their lives, or gathering with “sisters” […]


Last Saturday while I was at Esalen–a beautiful, legendary 40 year-old retreat center in stunning Big Sur, CA–leading a women’s retreat, I participated in a writing exercise that I assigned to the women in my group. As I lay on my belly on the grass with my journal and pen, listening to the ocean waves crash […]