New 4-week self-study telecourse with Renee


A new telecourse with Renee Trudeau
All classes are pre-recorded and available as downloads 24/7

“Self-care—the art of attuning and responding to your needs and desires—is a moment to moment process. It’s not about adding something to your to-do list; it’s about cultivating a new relationship with yourself.” – Renee Trudeau



Are you asking “What’s next?” and ready to create the life you truly desire–one that nourishes you inside and out?

Are you craving authentic, meaningful connection with like-minded women in a sacred, nurturing environment?

Does the idea of high-level, affordable coaching/mentoring from a master career/life coach appeal to you?

Have you studied with Renee in the past and are seeking an opportunity to go deeper with her through an advanced level course?

Join a rich community of women from all stages of life who are ready to envision, define and claim the life they desire. This small, intimate course was created for women who are ready to fully access the gifts that come from a robust self-care practice and who desire to release old habits, more fully express who they are, live in greater alignment and embrace ALL the good available to them when they are kind, loving and compassionate with themselves. This course is a heartfelt invitation to explore what is possible–what your life can look and feel like when you fully put your needs, desires and passions first. You’ll learn how to live inside-out and rely on the wisdom of your Wise Self, to trust more deeply and to cultivate an “unwavering allegiance to self.” I look forward to supporting you in envisioning and designing a life that feeds you inside and out!

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What you’ll learn and experience:

This experience will be held in a nurturing, empowering, and supportive environment. Learn the advanced art/science of self-renewal and nourish your body and soul. Integrate powerful self-care strategies into your daily life and become the “sacred gatekeeper of your life force.” During this powerful class, you’ll:

  • Explore your heart’s deepest longing and what the life you desire *truly* looks/feels like
  • Connect with your needs, desires, and your body’s natural rhythms in a way you never have before
  • Tap into Renee’s favorite powerful, practical, concrete, self-care tools and exercises for supporting enhanced joy and well-being in everyday life
  • Discover how to balance and mange yin/yang energy and ways to access your feminine power
  • Learn meditation and body-centered practices for enhancing peace in everyday life
  • Tap into the gifts of self-compassion and self-acceptance and learn to share these with others
  • Learn how to start your day intentionally and Renee’s favorite practices for doing so
  • Enjoy authentic connection with like-minded women as you embrace a new way of being and cultivate a new relationship with yourself
  • Experience more freedom, joy, success and connection through surrendering and learning to ask for/receive support

*This class is based partially on insights from Nurturing the Soul of Your Family: 10 Ways to Reconnect and Find Peace in Everyday Life (which is included in your registration cost); this class is geared for women of all ages/life stages, not just parents.






Why I’m leading this class:

I’m a wife, mother, entrepreneur, teacher, author/speaker, social activist and yoga enthusiast. I love to share my gifts with the world and I am deeply fed—more than anything—by helping women define and claim the life they desire. The life that is waiting for them when they open up to the gifts that come from self-care (read more).

“The life I desire is marked by deep connections to my child and partner. It’s a life filled with joy and meaning. It’s a life in which I feel supported and nurtured by an incredible community of men and women— young and old. I experience regular, meaningful, heartfelt connections with people I care about. I am continually open to growth — as a woman, a mother, a partner, and a spiritual being. I enjoy supporting and serving others in a way that feeds me rather than drains me. I feel that I always have enough time in my life for those things that are most important to me. My life flows, I trust my intuition, and I expect good to come to me. I feel peaceful. I am loving, and I feel loved. This is the life I desire.”   (From The Mother’s Guide to Self-Renewal, by Renee Trudeau)

Are you ready to stop playing small and start embracing your “one wild and precious life?” I’d love to be your guide and support you in entering the fall of 2014 with an unwavering allegiance to yourself.

Note: This highly effective virtual course which offers MP3 downloads available for you to access anytime, anywhere in the world: in the carpool line, from the comfort of home, in your car, on a lunch break or even in the bathtub!


The telecourse includes:


  • Four live 50-60-minute classes with Renée Trudeau including strategies, experiential exercises, insightful sharing and Q&A periods
  • Access to all recorded class sessions available via MP3 download to listen to on your computer, iPod, in the car or in the comfort of your own home
  • Membership to a private online community Facebook forum where you’ll receive support/ideas/resources from Renee and the group members.
  • A subscription to Renée’s Career and Work/Life Balance Online Resource Center; learn more. ($300 value)
  • A complimentary 20 min. career or life balance coaching consult with one of Career Strategists senior coaches (for those interested in exploring individual career of life-balance coaching)
  • An e-book of Renée’s new release Nurturing the Soul of Your Family *this is a pdf, not an e-reader version*

Helpful class details/information:


Feedback on Renée’s teaching style:

I love your interactive telecourse. I had no idea a workshop via telephone could be so powerful. I really appreciate the way you blend teaching time with group participation, solo exercises and create a space where we all feel comfortable sharing insights and ah-has. You are authentic, accessible and down-to-earth. I also like the class structure. You keep us on track and focused while offering tips and practices we can incorporate into our everyday lives. Powerful stuff—I find I listen to these classes again and again. Highly recommended! —Joanna

I could listen to you for hours. Your voice and teaching style is calm, reassuring, empowering and wise. I usually don’t do telecourse, but you’ve convinced me: when done right, they’re powerful and life-changing! I listen to your telecourse again and again to remind me to stay true to my vision for how I want to “be.” Thank you Renée! —Robin

My sister encouraged me to sign up for this telecourse—I have to say I was impressed. Renée is unique and rare in her ability to inspire while also delivering real-world actionable strategies and tools that can make a difference in your life RIGHT NOW. Her approach is balanced, accessible and down to earth. —Ellen

A note of deep gratitude for the wisdom, support and guidance you freely give. Just finished listening to your telecourse while enjoying a lavender bath (with all three kiddos sleeping!). I am grateful for all the gentle reminders and encouragement. —Carissa

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Read more about Renee’s teaching style here. Renee is no longer available for individual coaching due to her travel schedule so this is a rare opportunity for high-level, personalized support!



About Renée Trudeau

Renee Headshot 2014Renée Peterson Trudeau is an internationally-recognized life balance teacher/speaker and president of Career Strategists. Raised by spiritual seekers, Renée is the oldest of seven Montessori-inspired children. Growing up in Northern California, she attended a yoga school based on the teachings of Parmahansa Yogananada, rode horses bareback and hiked in the vast wilderness of the Sierra Nevada Mountains and learned stained glass window-making and philosophy from the Bhagavad-Gita. Her clients include Fortune 500 companies like IBM and Ernst and Young and national women’s organizations/conferences and nonprofits. Her work has appeared in The New York Times, US News and World Report, Good Housekeeping, Mothering, Yogi Times and more. She is the author of the best-selling The Mother’s Guide to Self-Renewal: How to Reclaim, Rejuvenate and Re-Balance Your Life and Nurturing the Soul of Your Family: 10 Ways to Reconnect and Find Peace in Everyday Life (2013). Thousands of women in more than ten countries are becoming RTA-Certified Facilitators and leading/participating in Personal Renewal Groups based on her award-winning work. Renée is on the faculty of Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health and Omega Institute and she speaks to and leads life balance workshops/retreats for corporations, conferences and organizations worldwide. She lives in Austin with her husband and 12 year-old son. More on Renee at




REFUND POLICY: There are no refunds, but the class is transferrable (please provide the new email for the registrant) OR if you give us seven days notice at, you can receive a credit for future RTA/CS programs/products (as allowed—this does not apply to out-of-state retreats).


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