Are you having the summer you desire?


We just got back from a work/family trip to the east coast–our first time to visit Maine! While I am beyond grateful for this opportunity and loved seeing our beloved friends and family, visiting five cities in 10 days after leading a weekend self-renewal retreat for 50 women was not relaxing. We knew this trip […]

4 reasons to take a digital detox


Today marks my first day back in the office after five days unplugged (no computer use, email, TV/movies and only minimal phone use). I took off Thursday morning through Monday night–essentially only 3 work days–and spent the time working in my garden, writing, swimming, doing creative visioning for my business, walking barefoot outdoors, cooking a […]

The power of sisterhood


“We are not held back by the love we didn’t receive in the past, but by the love we’re not extending in the present.”  ― Marianne Williamson I once spoke at a girls empowerment conference to a group of three hundred ten to thirteen-year-olds. As I was waiting to go on stage, I overheard a small […]

Setting a summer intention (+9 ways to say no)


What is your intention for summer 2015? Do you plan to slow down and enjoy unscheduled downtime with your family? Is there a work or creative project you want to complete by early September? Do you desire to reconnect with those you love and start living more in the present? Maybe you’re exhausted and need to pull out your calendar […]

8 ways to have a mindful vacation


I was visiting with a good friend last week who was feeling exhausted, frustrated and saddened that her recent family vacation was not what she had intended. “We crammed too much in, checked our work email too often and didn’t build in enough downtime. I don’t feel like we really got to connect as a family,” she shared. Planning […]

Can you just “be with what is”?

kripalu summer 2013 030

“To listen deeply is an act of faith.” Adyashanti, author, The End of Your World This morning I dropped off my newly minted teenager–who loves working with children–at our wonderful, local nature and science center to begin his first stint as a summer camp “counselor in training.” He was thrilled and had been eagerly awaiting this […]

Slowing down to the speed of summer


One of my touchstones for gauging how fast–or slow–I’m living, is noticing if I have a vase of fresh herbs and flowers on my desk. When I’m living the life I desire, I create the time to meander in my garden and pick colorful and unusual flowers or plants to enjoy in my home office. […]

My challenge to you this summer: DO IT DIFFERENT!


This morning I made migas with mushrooms for breakfast. Then I dropped off my son to volunteer at our friends wonderful farm camp (where I was greeted by roosters and got to pet a gentle horse and a goat) and I attended a morning yoga class. Driving to my office to begin my workday, I […]

Are you stingy with your love?


This spring marked the 15-year anniversary of my mom’s passing. Healthy and active, she died at age 60 from congestive heart failure as a result of a sudden, serious case of the flu leaving behind six children ages 19 to 34. She’s been on my mind–and in my dreams–a lot lately. I often wonder how […]

How bad do you want to feel good?


Last weekend I came down with a violent 48 hour stomach bug. After my illness, as I slowly regained my strength, I continued to feel “off” for days afterwards. My mood and energy level were low, my joints felt stiff and I had lost my joie de vivre. As I stewed in this malaise, one […]