We must be willing to get rid of the life we’ve planned, so as to have the life that is waiting for us. The old skin has to be shed before the new one can come. Joseph Campbell I’m doing a lot of shedding right now. Letting things whither on the vine. Die. Crumble. And fall […]

Ready to start living intentionally?


We’re constantly creating whether we’re doing this consciously or unconsciously. Wouldn’t you rather create with intent? I just designed my vision board for 2015 (read more). My family and I believe one of the most powerful things you can do live on purpose and connected to what matters most is to live intentionally. Do you ever wonder how all the day-to-day […]

Are you ignoring your emotional self-care?


Last night I attended a small women’s circle where we took turns sharing where we are in our lives and where we’re headed next. Afterwards, we did a short meditation and then created beautiful 2015 vision boards together, taking time at the end for show and tell. This morning I woke up feeling fabulously nourished and complete. […]

My 4 must-ask questions for 2015

What does your path to self-renewal look like in 2015?

I love the time before and around New Year’s Day. As a coach/speaker/author who has spent almost 30 years studying, writing and teaching in the area of human potential, this window of time–ripe with possibility and potential–always excites me. Yes, January 1 is just another day, but it also represents an invitation to step into […]

Don’t be afraid of the dark


While I love celebrating Christmas as a season of light and time of spiritual renewal, often the days before and after this sacred holiday can be a bit dark for me. Between the cold, grey weather, honoring my deceased mother’s birthday, the Winter Solstice (the darkest day of the year), and celebrating my Jan. 7th birthday without […]

10 things I tell clients in transition


In 1999 I combined my 14 years of experience and training in organizational/leadership development, communications strategy, corporate coaching and personal branding and launched my first business—a career coaching and consulting firm dedicated to helping men and women integrate who they are with what they do. Career Strategists is still alive and well and our coaches […]

5 reasons I take retreats


“From stillness comes discernment.”  Renee Trudeau Stephen Cope, MSW, author and director of Kripalu’s Institute for Extraordinary Living says retreats don’t change our lives as much as they change where we stand in relationship to our lives—and our capacity to see the hidden possibilities there. I grew up watching my parents take personal retreats–mostly meditation […]

5 questions to help you gain clarity & focus

Big Sur, CA; a place my family comes to when we need perspective.

How do you react when someone asks, “How balanced is your life?” Maybe you feel defensive, frustrated, hopeless, angry or perhaps you roll your eyes and check out completely. The word balance (which can sound exasperating and unrealistic) can be a turnoff and triggering for many who think of balance as being a state of […]

Is crazy the new normal?


Last weekend I saw the film Interstellar with my 12 year-old; I really enjoyed it. It was set in the future, a time when our soil was polluted and food supply and fresh air were dwindling. People had to re-engineer how to live and be in the world and seek out radical new solutions for […]

5 ways to find spiritual renewal this holiday


It’s Christmas Eve, 1976. Gregorian chants are playing in the background and my mom and dad are sitting quietly with their eyes closed, hands resting upward — thumb and index finger touching — while my younger siblings crawl on their backs and shoulders. My two older brothers and I sit nearby, holding our own meditation […]