Think you’re authentic?


This past weekend I attended an annual celebration and awards banquet for a wonderful national women’s organization I’ve been actively involved with for more than 25 years. In many ways this tribe raised me during the first 15 years of my professional career. The morning of the event I slipped into my pretty, comfortable dress […]

Do you live … intentionally?


My family is thinking of moving to a different area of Austin. This is part of a larger plan we’re piecing together around how we want to work, play, connect, foster community, generate revenue and “be” in the second half of our life. (Read more about making hard life choices from my blog last week.) […]

Breaking free, making hard choices

My son enjoying spring weather; my family made the choice to live near a greenbelt as nature is a big part of our lives.

It is 1976, and my physician dad has left his booming medical practice in San Antonio. We have abandoned our comfortable, sprawling ranch-style home on two acres and have moved into a twelve-hundred-square-foot home with a wood-burning stove on fifty acres set back on a red dirt road in Northern California’s Sierra Nevada. When I […]

Give yourself a break


Growing up I was often inspired by my parent’s generosity towards those less fortunate. They would write checks to causes, donate household items, handout food to the homeless, sponsor foster kids to attend community events and encourage us to do the same. They also modeled an altruistic spirit, often remarking after observing unsavory behavior, “Let’s […]

9 ways to own your power

fall renewal retreat 09 056

One of our career coaching clients, Alicia, had a rough week. After she received a disconcerting email from a new business partner—it became very clear they were speaking different languages and not on the same page. She paused and decided to stop the email tennis match, pick up the phone and set up a walking […]

7 reasons to practice self-care


This past week I connected with several medical professionals and we discussed the concept of self-care. Like many in healthcare, they see self-care as something you “should do” for your physical health (exercise, eat well, get enough sleep), but that’s where it ends. They were curious when I shared that I define self-care as the […]

Do you embrace life’s mysteries?


“Life is not a thing to be managed, it’s a mystery to be lived.” Anonymous In our Austin career coaching offices where our senior coaches see clients, sits a red heart-shaped box filled with some of our favorite inspirational and contemplative quotes. At the end of each career coaching session, clients get to choose a […]

The life I desire (version 2.0)

life 2.0

One morning when my son was in preschool, my cup was feeling really full and in a moment of supreme clarity, I sat down and wrote the following (this is from the beginning of Ch. 2 on self-care in my book Nurturing the Soul of Your Family: 10 Ways to Reconnect and Find Peace in […]

5 days unplugged=whole new perspective

One of my favorite spots on planet earth: Pedernales Falls in the Texas Hill Country (taken 2.14.14)

Last week I took a five day writing sabbatical (read more). I was holed up at home and ended up getting a cold, but the week was illuminating nonetheless. Being unplugged for five days helped me see with absolute clarity what was working–and not working–in my life and around how I use technology. At the […]

Why I’m taking a sabbatical

The woods around Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health, Lenox, MA.

When I was 30 years old I chose to leave a high-stress, perk-filled corporate job and take a month off from the working world to re-design my career path. I had just taken a life-changing trip to Europe and was sitting in my cube working and watching the hands of the clock cruise past 6:30 […]