Finding balance in a 24/7 world


How bad do you want to feel good? Growing up with a parent who suffered from clinical depression and navigating a heaping dose of dysfunction, stress, anxiety and “not feeling enough” the first thirty years of my life, left me highly motivated to want to FEEL GOOD. The primary drive for the work I do […]

Rest = good self-care


“If we feel tired, we think something is wrong. Nothing is wrong. We are just tired. We need rest. Sometimes a lot of it, if we’ve gone for years vetoing our body’s signals.” Dr. Claudia Welch A yoga teacher with a neurobiology background told me recently that every time we hear our phones notify us of a […]

7 reasons to ask for help + support for getting started!


As I write this, I’m lying down on the couch with a bad head cold. We’re about to enter our busiest time of year and I’ve got mountains of emails and requests starting to pile-up. So, I’m calling in ALL the troops–from additional office help, to support from my partner with cooking, to reaching out to fellow parents who can help […]

7 ways to live inside-out

Julia Pfeiffer Beach, Big Sur, CA. Credit: Jonah Trudeau.

Last week my husband I were at a dinner party with several other couples. Henry and Amy were lamenting about how much their lives had changed since our potluck dinner the month before. “Just a few weeks ago I was seriously contemplating buying a $90 yoga mat and struggling over whether I should get it […]

What self-care is NOT


I was lying in bed Sunday morning reading from author Anne Lamott’s beautiful little book Small Victories. In one of her stories about parenting, she shares with a little self-deprecation, but mostly tenderness, how she doesn’t bake for PTA fund raisers, is often disorganized and sometimes forgets to follow-through on updates from her son’s school. […]

What would your Wise Self say?

An inviting spot for contemplation at Omega Institute; ideal for a date with your Wise Self.

As I watch my five parentless siblings hit major life milestones — marriages, divorces, new babies, moves, career changes, health challenges— and observe their individual journeys toward emotional health and well-being, it makes me reflect on what I needed and wished I could have heard when I was their age. If I was sitting across […]

10 gifts I’ve uncovered while living in the unknown


Are you moving through a career, relationship or health crisis or challenge?  Are you in transition and asking “What’s next?” Do things seem particularly intense for you right now? For many of us it feels as if we’re headed into a brave, new frontier without a map, and we’re being asked to evolve and create new tools for navigating this […]

How well do you know yourself?


I just launched a new self-renewal group for women called Embracing the Wild Unknown (supporting the journey into the second half of life). I noticed during our introductions that most of the women seemed pretty self-aware. They knew their strengths, weaknesses and how they’re wired. It seems this is one of the many gift you […]

7 women’s wisdom: pearls from Kripalu

stone with lotus

I’ve been leading retreats for women for 25 years (read why I lead retreats) and every single time I’m amazed by how much I learn and am reminded of by the women who show up in the circle. This past weekend I was at Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health—one of my favorite retreat centers […]



We must be willing to get rid of the life we’ve planned, so as to have the life that is waiting for us. The old skin has to be shed before the new one can come. Joseph Campbell I’m doing a lot of shedding right now. Letting things whither on the vine. Die. Crumble. And fall […]