Permission granted to slow down


Ever since my son and I got back from our month off the grid in Western North Carolina–read What the Mountains Taught Me–I’ve been thinking about how speeded up we have all become: plowing through inhumane to-do lists, agreeing to crazy sports practice schedules and insane homework loads, staying up late glued to our online […]

Why we should do it different

life 2.0

This past weekend my 12 year-old son was out of town and my husband and I enjoyed an extended 48-hour date. We tried a new breakfast spot, drove to the other side of town to clothes shop (a big deal in a city that where traffic has gotten insane), enjoyed late afternoon naps and celebrated the August […]

What the mountains taught me


The world is so empty if one thinks only of mountains, rivers and cities; but to know someone who thinks and feels with us and who, though distant, is close to us in spirit, this makes the earth for us an inhabited garden.― Johann Wolfgang von Goethe This week I returned from a much anticipated, month-long […]

Permission granted: name & claim the life you desire!

pg dates

Ten years ago when my son was in preschool, my cup was feeling really full and in a moment of supreme clarity, I sat down one morning and wrote: The life I desire is marked by deep connections to my child and partner. It’s a life filled with joy and meaning. It’s a life in […]

Are you feeling called to simplify?


Many of us feel called to simplify our lives and do less. Not a fluffy, it-would-be nice- to-have-clean-closets simplicity, but a new way of being. This new simplicity is about purging and streamlining our thinking, our doing, our giving and receiving, and, of course, our stuff. We crave more time to just be — so […]

Maybe it’s time … to ask for help

Kripalu Fall 2012

We weren’t meant to do everything for ourselves. We all need support — lots of it. Assess how you currently navigate challenges. You or your spouse just got laid off from your job.  Do you immediately isolate, put on your armor, grab your sword, and head out into the forest to slay the dragon alone? […]

8 tips for a mindful vacation


I was visiting with a good friend last week who was feeling exhausted, frustrated and saddened that her recent family vacation was not what she had intended. “We crammed too much in, checked our work email too often and didn’t build in enough downtime. I don’t feel like we really got to connect as a family,” she shared. Planning […]



“If we feel tired, we think something is wrong. Nothing is wrong. We are just tired. We need rest. Sometimes a lot of it, if we’ve gone for years vetoing our body’s signals.” Dr. Claudia Welch A yoga teacher with a neurobiology background told me recently that every time we hear our phones notify us of a […]

Is it time to unplug?


I just returned from leading a self-renewal retreat at Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health on the east coast for an amazing group of women from all over North America. I was away from the office for a total of five days … unplugged. No computer, no email, no Facebook, just minimal texting to support retreat logistics […]

Slower is better


Last week I attended a meditation workshop with my teacher Dr. Richard Miller. Taking three hours off in the middle of a Tuesday afternoon to learn more about the benefits of meditation and how to bring this into my daily life felt a bit decadent. But it proved to be time well spent. That evening, […]