9 gifts I’ve uncovered while living in the unknown

Are you moving through a career change,  health crisis or relationship challenge?  Are you in a big life transition and asking “What’s next?”  Do things seem particularly intense for you right now?  For many of us it feels as if we’re headed into a brave, new frontier without a map, and we’re being asked to […]

Find peace of mind: how to take a digital detox

I recently took a week off from work to unplug (no computer use, email, TV/movies and only minimal phone use). I spent the time pulling weeds in the early morning, journaling, doing creative visioning for my business, taking evening strolls with the frogs and fireflies, visiting springs with friends and tending to my soul.   […]

Struggling? Start with self-compassion

My husband and I are really struggling around parenting right now. Some days, all I can do is take it hour by hour, breathe and pray. I’m not sleeping well, so my energy is low, my productivity at work has suffered and my joy for life is ebbing more than flowing. It’s easy to see everything […]

Letting go = peace of mind

Last week, I had “one of those days” …. double booked appointments, a miscommunication with a vendor, tech gremlins gone wild, a lost check— and suddenly everything felt like it was going from bad to worse. I was trying to wrap up an intense week filled with deadlines before leaving town on a family beach […]

My month in the mountains: lessons on being human

I just returned from a month-long writing sabbatical in Brevard, NC, a journey I’ve made for the last three summers.  Although the month was more of a lesson in being with what is (what a roller coaster June was!), I am always grateful for the chance to recalibrate in this creative, vibrant, misty mountain town […]

6 things to do when the going gets tough

Many people are struggling right now and barely keeping their heads above water. I was visiting with a dear friend yesterday who is battling depression. “It comes and it goes. But when it returns, I often freeze and forget what helps me most; all my great self-care practices fly right out the window,” she said. […]

Navigating a career or life transition? Here’s help

In 2000 I combined my 15 years of experience and training in organizational/leadership development, communications strategy, corporate coaching and personal branding, and launched my first business—a career coaching and consulting firm dedicated to helping men and women integrate who they are with what they do.  Career Strategists is still alive and well and our senior […]

Why it’s important to do it different

This morning as I prepared to head out to my usual morning yoga class, I remembered hearing about a beginner modern dance class that had peaked my interest. I’m an avid yogi and Nia fan but I haven’t done any type of dance in decades. But, spurred by my desire to try something new and […]

Meditation could be your sanity saver

I feel edgy. And unsettled. And a bit anxious. Between navigating some unexpected bumpiness over the past few weeks, getting over a cold and dealing with my always-pushing-the-boundaries teen, I’m not feeling too grounded. So rather than slide into my typical MO of over-doing, fixing or solving –I’m stopping in my tracks this morning and […]

7 ways to have a more mindful vacation

I was visiting with a good friend last week who was feeling exhausted, frustrated and saddened that her recent family vacation was not what she had intended. “We crammed too much in, checked our work email too often and didn’t build in enough downtime. I don’t feel like we really got to connect as a […]