Why it’s important to do it different

This morning as I prepared to head out to my usual morning yoga class, I remembered hearing about a beginner modern dance class that had peaked my interest. I’m an avid yogi and Nia fan but I haven’t done any type of dance in decades. But, spurred by my desire to try something new and […]

Meditation could be your sanity saver

I feel edgy. And unsettled. And a bit anxious. Between navigating some unexpected bumpiness over the past few weeks, getting over a cold and dealing with my always-pushing-the-boundaries teen, I’m not feeling too grounded. So rather than slide into my typical MO of over-doing, fixing or solving –I’m stopping in my tracks this morning and […]

7 ways to have a more mindful vacation

I was visiting with a good friend last week who was feeling exhausted, frustrated and saddened that her recent family vacation was not what she had intended. “We crammed too much in, checked our work email too often and didn’t build in enough downtime. I don’t feel like we really got to connect as a […]

Are you having a growth spurt?

Recently I watched the Ant-Man and the Wasp movie with my husband and son (always a huge feat to find something the three of us will like!). The primary antagonist, Ava Starr can phase through solid matter as a result of a childhood accident involving radiation from the “Quantum Realm” that caused her individual cells […]

5 ways to reclaim the rest you need

A psychologist friend of mine recently shared that every time we hear our phones ding–or our neighbor’s phone vibrate–our cortisol levels rise and our heart rate increases. In the 24/7, wired world we now occupy, most of us are living in a perpetual fight or flight state (we see a triggering text and our body […]

Your summer of self-care: 9 ways to say no!

I just returned from Ireland and am excited to dive into a creative project I’ll be working on this summer in the Blue Ridge Mountains.  I am also exhausted from the intense emotional roller-coaster I’ve been on for the last six months and know I need time for deep relaxation. So this week I’m sitting […]

Stop creating suffering for yourself (here’s how)

Last month I received some news that was quite painful. But in the week that followed, my thoughts around what had occurred were downright tortuous. Until, in a Nia dance class, I heard my Wise Self say loud and clear, “Renee, don’t create more pain for yourself than is necessary.”  This stopped me in my […]

7 ways to practice radical self-care

I’ve been navigating some rocky parenting terrain over the last couple of months and the challenges I’ve been facing have really taken a toll on me, physically and emotionally. Last week though, I had a big realization. I’ve been trying to do business as usual—running my coaching firm, preparing for travel/speaking events and working with […]

Are you stingy with your love? (+Win a retreat!)

This spring marked the 19-year anniversary of my mom’s passing. Healthy and active, she died at age 60 from congestive heart failure as a result of a sudden, serious case of the flu leaving behind six children ages 19 to 34. She’s been on my mind–and in my dreams–a lot lately. I really miss her. […]

Is your life trying to tell you something?

Is your life asking you to evolve? At my last UNLEASHED ATX  workshop in Austin, I was visiting with two long-time entrepreneurs who both shared they were getting signs it was time to let their business go so they could harness and redirect their energy towards “what’s next.” But, easier said than done. Both have spent years […]