Permission granted: 5 ways to find rest this holiday


Does the thought of hanging lights and attending holiday work parties make you want to grab your sleeping bag and run for the nearest cave? 2015 has been intense for many of us.  Often, we felt over-scheduled, overworked and we rarely got the chance to unplug.  We navigated big career and life transitions—and had little time […]

Do you tend to over-do it or under-do it?


I’m leading a mini-career and life purpose teleclass for women right now. Many have shared they’re struggling with how to leave their current jobs to pursue what they really want to do; fears around money and finances; the sense that they’re wasting their life and are running out of time to fulfill their potential; and […]



(Photo: Each morning we wake up to my 13 year-old working on this new Phillip Glass piece; he’s playing on our family Steinway. He inspires me every day to keep looking for new ways to express my creativity. Here’s a clip.) __________________________________________________ This past Friday I attended a wonderful creative meet-up made up of poets, […]

Are you saying “Yes,” to your life?

All around us, everyone is taking risks and saying, "Yes," to life right now. Will you?

When was the last time you took a risk? I don’t mean trying a new Thai restaurant, I mean a real risk–one that caused you to feel nervous, scared and excited all at the same time?! Risks are essential to feeling alive–they remind us that life is not a thing to be managed; it’s a […]

Is your pace sustainable?

work-life balance

This past weekend at my Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health New Way of Being Women’s Self-Renewal Retreat I met a woman who was the dean at a large medical school. She said they just added a class on Self-Care & Resiliency to their medical school curriculum, but she wonders if her young doctors in […]

What’s your vision for how you want to live?

If one does not know to which port one is sailing, no wind is favorable. Seneca Most people are surprised to hear that I love making a big pot of minestrone soup for my family and neighbors as much as I love getting invited to go to India to speak to a women’s group on […]

Radical self-care


Are you willing to p*** people off in order to take care of yourself? A big part of my work as a life balance teacher/coach is supporting women in attuning and responding to their needs and desires through practicing the art of self-care (read why self-care matters here). During a recent women’s self-renewal retreat, I […]

9 ways to say no


Things which matter most should never be at the mercy of things which matter least. Goethe It’s October. That time of year when many of us feel like we’re running from one thing to the next and there’s barely time to catch our breath. As much as I’ve worked on dialing it back and doing […]

What are you refusing to see?


This past weekend I stepped out of my comfort zone and attended a blogging conference. I like nudging myself to try new things and while I’m fairly tech-savvy, this uber-plugged in scene was not my typical playground (one of my goals in life is to spend as little time online as possible). As part of […]

Permission granted … to do less


The dying never share they wished they had worked more, but they often regret not spending more time with family and friends. Are you living the life you desire-or someone else’s entirely?  Does every cell in your body want to yell, “Stop the merry-go-round–I WANT OFF!” ? I’ve been thinking about how speeded up we have […]