How I learned to mother myself

There’s been a lot of belly button gazing in our house this past week. My adolescent son told me on Friday, “I’m thinking a lot about my life right now,” my introspective husband is taking a class where he’s contemplating our relationship to the cosmos and having just returned from teaching at the ethereal Esalen Institute in […]

What Does Self-Care Mean to You? (…and our winner!)

We received more than 300 entries into the Year-of-Self-Care Retreat Giveaway and as I sat reading these moving, inspiring, wise, sometimes funny and very real shares–in response to “What Does Self-Care Mean to Me?”– what touched me deeply were the reoccurring messages of self-forgiveness, releasing guilt and believing I deserve self-care, learning to cultivate self-compassion, […]


I was recently visiting with a friend and reminded her I’d be gone this coming weekend to attend a women’s retreat. I could see her pause for a while, before she replied (we had just been discussing how challenging it can be on a family when one of the parents is unemployed and looking for […]


Photo: I shot this photo in the Santa Elena Canyon on our last hike in Big Bend National Park before heading back to Austin. All week I kept telling my family how badly I wanted to see a snake on our trip. This guy poked his head of a stream that I was crossing as […]


One of our favorite family activities is to visit the Sunset Valley Farmer’s Market each Saturday morning, choose some yummy things to eat for the day/week and come home and enjoy a wonderful leisurely lunch together. This past Saturday, we feasted on a marinated, slow roasted free range chicken from an amazing German chef (my […]


Although it’s been challenging juggling everything this month, I am really enjoying my January writing sabbatical. And, it’s headed in a completely different direction than I had thought—but I’ll save that for another time. Creating mental space—where I can actually allow my thoughts to slowly meander where they like, as opposed to the daily rush […]


I was raised by parents who felt strongly about serving and giving to others, whether that be taking kids from the local orphanage out with us on Sunday family outings, generously supporting a family in our church community whose house had burned down, buying 100 boxes of Girl Scout cookies to give to neighbors or […]