8 ways to access your feminine energy

As a life balance coach/author, I speak, teach, write and facilitate experiences to support people in coming into greater balance on all levels, including: being and doing, thinking and feeling, giving and receiving, working and playing and more. For some of us, finding balance in our relationships–both with ourselves and our loved ones–can be our greatest challenge.  Interestingly a […]

Wanting to crawl into your cave? Here’s why

This Wednesday the 21st marks the winter solstice, the longest night of the year and the first day of winter. The solstice is significant on many levels, but for me, it always signifies an invitation to honor and embrace the time of year when nature calls us to go inward. We live in a culture […]

Are you over-managing your life?

“Sometimes letting things go is an act of far greater power than defending or hanging on.” ― Eckhart Tolle,  A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose A few years ago I got really tired of  juggling and always trying to anticipate/manage the endless details of my family life and business. I knew there had […]

Why being out of balance can be a good thing

This week I’m observing my 14 year-old ninth grader attempt to navigate increased academic, sports, extracurricular and social demands (and doing all I can to stay hands-off), and I’m reminded of a time in my late twenties when the idea of life balance was completely foreign to me. I was working as a public relations […]

My initiation into summer

Yesterday a dear friend and I met up for a Nia class.  She has three teenagers, so it’s precious time when we get to connect.  We got the date wrong, the studio was empty and we found ourselves sitting in the hot car deciding what to do next. Should we scan our FB invites for an activity, […]

Maybe it’s time to re-frame your circumstances?

I was once at a workshop with mindfulness teacher Tara Brach where she shared a line about a son who sends his mother a telegram that reads, “Start worrying. Reasons to follow shortly.” I love this! Have you ever found yourself in an endless cycle of worry, fear, irritation or frustration about how your life […]

The power of the pause

“Are you listening to your life; what is it trying to tell you?” Some people are surprised to hear that I get as excited about making a big pot of minestrone soup for my family and friends as I do  at receiving an invitation to go to India to speak to a women’s group on […]

Turning 50

“Now I see that the journey was never meant to lead to some new and improved version of me; that it has always been about coming home to who I already am.”   ― Katrina Kenison, Magical Journey: An Apprenticeship in Contentment I was elated last week to turn 50. My husband makes fun of me. […]

4 questions to help you release & let go of 2015

It’s Saturday night in Austin, it’s raining and cold out and my son is away at a sleep-over. My husband and I are relaxing in front of the fireplace. In front of us: paper strips, a thin, blue marker, a metal pail and a lighter. No, we’re not conducting a science experiment, we’re writing down […]

Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should

Last week I had a delightful evening of Thai food, wine and deep, soulful conversation with three dear friends. One was in her mid-seventies, one in her late sixties and the other was in her mid-fifties. One thread of conversation that lingered with me long after the plates were cleared, was around what they say […]