Unexpected Gifts

“Life isn’t about waiting for the storms to pass, it’s about learning to dance in the rain.” – Vivian Green I’ve been writing a lot lately about living in the unknown, the process of birthing “what’s next” and the gifts that can come from being in a state of flux because that’s where some of […]

Relationships Are Hard?

I was nervous about writing this post. While I’m quite forthcoming and like to “keep it real” around the challenges and ups and downs in my life, talking about my relationship with my partner is totally different terrain. My parents divorced at age 48 after having 7 kids and 26 years together. Both sets of […]

Re-Defining Balance

The other night at dinner my eight year-old son asked us what “ponder” means. It got me thinking. Lately, I’ve been getting clearer that I want to reduce the number of hours I work each week. I am really feeling a strong pull to be even more present with my family and to have more […]

What I Love

I attended a powerful movement/writing workshop this past weekend with Lori Saltzman with The Moving Center School in California. Her work is based on the well known 5 Rhythms developed by Gabrielle Roth. I’m preparing to get back to work this summer on my forthcoming project on everyday spirituality and wanted the opportunity to do […]

Honoring Your Rhythms

This was an incredibly full weekend (I helped promote and led a workshop for a wonderful girls empowerment conference, supported artist friends at a community event, attended our annual school fund raiser and had the honor of hosting a 50th birthday Blessingway for a good friend). I am pooped. I feel like crawling back into […]

Radical Self-Care

Are you willing to p*** people off in order to take care of yourself? I just returned from our amazing Fall Self-Renewal Retreat at The Crossings with twenty wonderful women from around the U.S. (Look for more to come on our April 2010 retreat.) During one session, we explored what our “barriers to self-care” are: […]